Working Papers  (Email for latest version)

Can Female Doctors Cure the Gender STEMM Gap? Evidence from Randomly Assigned GPs (with Julie Riise and Barton Willage)

     (Under Review)

     NHH Discussion Paper 2019/18

Decentralization of Wage Determination: Evidence From A National Teacher Reform

     (Under Review)

     IFAU Working Paper No. 2019:17

Oh Mother: The Neglected Impact of School Disruptions (with David Jaume)

     (Under Review)

     NHH Discussion Paper 2018/30

Some Research in Progress                              

Interactions in Public Policies: Spousal Responses and Program Spillovers of Welfare Reforms (with Julian Johnsen and Kjell Vaage)

     (Reject and Resubmit)

Understanding the Decline in Private Sector Unionization: A Skill-Based Approach (with Samuel Doodini and Michael Lovenheim)

Once You're Out, You're Out: How Retirees Respond to Negative Income Shocks (with Julian Johnsen)


Published Papers

Tipping and the Effects of Segregation (with Anders Böhlmark)      

     American Economics Journal: Applied Economics Forthcoming

     Also published as IFAU Working Paper No. 2017:14

The Long-run Effects of Teacher Collective Bargaining (with Michael Lovenheim)      

     American Economics Journal: Economic Policy (2019), v.11(3)

     Also published as NBER Working Paper No. 24782

The Long-run Effects of Teacher Strikes (with David Jaume)      

     Journal of Labor Economics (2019),  v.37(4)

     Also published as CEDLAS Working Paper No. 217